How to Manage All Your Passwords

How to Manage All Your Passwords

How to Manage All Your Passwords

Are you frustrated or worried of managing all your passwords? Whether you are at your home or office, managing passwords is an important thing to keep your confidential and professional information safe and secure. Many people and businesses today use passwords to protect their information from being hacking or unauthorized use of information. Even the individuals use passwords for their PCs and laptops for protecting their personal information. But, managing all these passwords is not that easy and it requires you to do the following.

1. Remember:

It is necessary that you need to create your passwords strong enough that can’t be detected and identified by the hackers. Use different types of passwords for different online and offline resources. One password shouldn’t match the other password and should be completely unique and secure. Use a strategy to create as well as remember all your passwords. People who have good memory can remember various passwords so they can ultimately create multiple passwords. Remembrance is the best way to manage all your passwords.

2. Write Them Down:

There are lots of people who can’t remember their passwords, for them our advice is to write all those passwords in a paper and store them in a secure place as a valuable item. This is a vulnerable method and here you need to take utmost care. If you are storing them in your PC or laptop in the file form, try to encrypt the password file and then save so that you will not have much chances of keeping your password safe. Don’t use the written sticky passwords on the PC or in the open place as they may get hacked. Better save them in secure place.

3. Reset the Password Every Time:

It is necessary that, you need to change the passwords frequently to keep them safe. There are also chances that you may lose your passwords and during that situation you can reset the password as soon as possible with difficult guessing case sensitive passwords. Also doesn’t use save passwords option in your computer browser. It is not a good idea too especially for the online banking and other financial sites.

4. Password Manager:

Next advanced method for managing the passwords is a password manager. There are several password manager services available today that can help you to manage your passwords but, you need to spend some money on them. Though the services differ from one to another, they all work on the same principle. They help you to store all your passwords in an encrypted form and so you don’t have to remember them. You just need to store all your passwords in that password manager and only give a master password to it and that one you have to remember. Don’t give this master password to any one or don’t write it anywhere rather remember it. If you lost your master password all your passwords will get lost and they may make a problem to you. So, give strong master password which you can remember and keep your passwords safe.

These are the various ways to manage all your passwords. So, follow them and keep your information safe and secure.