Mad Max Game Full Review

Mad Max Game Review

mad max game

Mad max is a game which is a about the death of hope. It is all about learning to find something foradheringthe existence of regret and murder and also watching it for turning in to ash in the hands of yours. Not completely the mad max is awesome. But, there are some pretty things about it such as the wasteland and also driving through that wasteland is a pleasant experience.

The car combat of the game is appealing particularly when you unlock the Thunderpoonwhich is missile that is used by the Chumbucketyour companion. Here in this game we have five campaign based trophies or achievements and it is very enjoying for getting the last two of the achievements.

Worth Playing Mad Max

During the time it takes for completing the journey, those modest satisfactions are not at all worthy. The series begins with a dull multiple minute cut scenes that is,all before the menu and after you click on the start, then you will get the opening credits after that you will get some narration which involves antagonist that is known as Lord Scrotus. From their things start going down.

Mission of the Game

The very first mission of the game is to run nearly 20 feet and then you will be able to watch one more cut scene.But once the things go in progress, Mad Max seems to be bloated and sprawling game open for the world with both, side and story missions as well as to-do lists such as, invading some enemy camps, destroying the towers of enemies, collecting the items which would take up your scores and takes hours for completing. It seems like one of the Ubisoft games.

Realistic and Impressive Features of Game

If you can interact with this gaming world, the game is explained with some short animations which play when Max is taking some important actions that is, when he bends on his knees towards down for eating dog food or maggots, when he fills up his canteen with full of water, when max rises with a balloon for scanning the new area using his binoculars and when max fills again his car with gasoline.This seems like realistic which impresses people but also seems silly.

Game Controls

The controls here are worsein the trail they made for making you feel that you are associated with the real world.Mad max is always busy with that kind of busy work he had in the game. You can only upgrade your car after you complete the tasks in the checklist. Here, you also have and RPG tree but to use this tree, mad max should drive all through the map, and when he listens to the Griffa spout character which is a theoretical mumbo jumboabout the mad max’s identity as well as the relationship with violence. There are few delays in the game by the obstacles which are not really worth. The fights of the game are easyescape and hitencounters.

Overall Verdict

Overall, here you drive as a driver max in the wasteland which is completely filled with enemies with mismatched sports equipment that looks like World War I pilots. There are also few misguided effortsfor inspiring max who is known to be loner, drifter and chipper with pathos.The game overall is not that great but mad max had its own pleasures as other games.