Super Mario Run | Super Mario Run Gameplay Download for ios, Android

Super Mario Run | Super Mario Run Gameplay Download for ios, Android

     Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling auto-running video game and released by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices only. that means you can install on iPhone and iPad.   It was released on December 15, 2016, and will be released for Android in 2017,  but the users who are using windows they cant play this  games.

  • The game has  high price in the mobile market, as well as its required connectivity to the internet. Despite that, it became the fastest-growing app in iOS history, having been downloaded more than 40 million times during its first week of release.


Super Mario Run Android:

To Download the game Super Mario Run Apk for Android ,it is said  to be released very soon by Nintendo Mobiles after receiving  great success with Pokemon Go game.


  • It is the most awaited game of the year and the Super Mario has been released in December 2016 released for iOS and Android.
  • The game is available to download for free and will come with in-app purchases.


  • Super Mario Run Apk will be a side-scrolling, auto-runner.
  • It is a Android platform game where the player will be controlling Mario as he naturally runs from the left to right side. As the Mario runs you need to keep tapping that Android screen of yours to help the Mario jump.
  • The height of the Mario jump is directly proportional to the time the screen is touched so, longer the press higher jumps your Mario. 
  • The player must help Mario jump over the gaps, fight enemy rivals, and also collect coins.  The ultimate goal for any player is to complete the level in the quickest time.

Super Mario run Apple:

Super Mario game was released on December 15 exclusively on iOS and is playable on the iPhone and iPad. Nintendo is planning an Android release in 2017, but Windows users will likely never see the game on the platform.

  • Super Mario Run is now available in the Apple App Store, although unfortunately it is playable only with an active internet connection.
  • It has been designed specifically for touch screen devices.
  • You can download the game from Apple app store right now and install it.
  • After installing the game , you will be able to play the game.

Super Mario Run Price:

Super Mario Run is free to download and play, at least for a little while. After that you have to make a one-off in-app payment to access the full game.

  • For the first Super Mario Run is free to download. You can play the first three levels of World 1 and 20 seconds of the boss level for free, after that, you’ll have to unlock the rest of the game.
  • There are three modes of game are
  • World Tour
  • Toad Rally and
  • Kingdom building.
  • Each mode assists in unlocking other modes. Completing levels in World Tour unlocks new courses in Toad Rally, which unlocks new Toad colors, which unlocks new buildings for your kingdom. As such, you’ll want to play everything every day..
  • After the three world tour levels have been played, you have to unlock the rest of the game.
  • To unlock the rest of the game, you have pay $9.99 in the US, AU$14.99 in Australia and £7.99 in the UK, you can play all six worlds.
  • Once you play the game, believe me you will want to buy this game once you’ve played 30 seconds of the first level.

There are 24 levels across six worlds in World Tour mode. While you can race through all 24 levels in just a few hours.

Super Mario Run Game play:

       Miyamoto claims the magic of a Mario game is that anyone can pick it up and start playing. Super Mario Run has also been designed to make best use of mobile platforms and a touch screen.

  • When you open the game for the first time, you’ll be asked to select a region after that , you  need to link your My Nintendo account, if you have one.
  • If you don’t have Nintendo account , you can create an account. It is free to create an Nintendo account  (You can also sign up with Twitter or Facebook.).After you’ve signed up and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, you’re ready to play!

       Super Mario Run Game play

  • First Thing: Super Mario Run will teach you the basics by running you through a training level. Don’t freak out if you can’t make Mario jump at first: The level guides you through each move Mario can do, one step at a time; you’ll be able to tap to jump soon enough. The game’s training level takes about 30 seconds to complete, at which point you’ll be whisked into the game’s story.
  • The first thing you need to know: Mario runs automatically. You don’t have to manually direct him forwards or backwards. He also automatically jumps over small obstacles like blocks or enemies, small gaps in the path, and low-height Warp Pipes.
  • You can simply touch anywhere on the screen to make him jump. The longer you tap on the screen, the higher he jumps. This is the key to get high scores and collect special coins that are hidden around different levels.
  • In later levels, you will see blocks that will change mario’s direction, and others that will start and stop him with precision timing. But the goal is to collect as many coins as you can, collect the special coins for bigger rewards and get to the flag pole at the end of the level before the time runs out.

When you first play a level, you are tasked with collecting five pink color coins dotted around the landscape. If you do, you are rewarded with bonus points,then you are tasked with collecting five purple coins in the same level but it is harder to find. Finally, if you collect those coins, then you have to collect five black coins, it adds a lot of replay value.

Super Mario Run offers three sets of Challenge Coins for each level, so the replay value is great across the board.

Action Objects:

  • Pause Blocks stop Mario. When you step on one, Mario stops moving and the game timer pauses, allowing you to time when and where you want to move next.
  • Launch Blocks launch Mario in the direction shown on the block’s arrow. Simply running across a launch block does nothing; to trigger it, you’ll have to tap the screen as you cross it. If you tap on a reverse Launch Block, Mario will run backward.
  • Springboards catapult Mario in a specific direction through the air. This can be useful for climbing walls and getting to out-of-reach places.
  • Red Rings make red coins appear. Red coins are special high-value coins that only appear for a limited amount of time — usually about five seconds.
  • Super Stars will turn you into an invincible coin-collecting machine. They are hidden amongst bricks (usually ones that are hard to reach), so be sure to jump into bricks to smash them. The Super Star power-up acts as a magnet, drawing coins toward you as you run:
  • Switches control moving platforms: Some levels have switchable platforms that will help you reach greater heights and collect Challenge Coins.
  • P Switches turn blocks into blue coins for a limited period of time. Jump on a blue P Switch to snap up as many blue coins as you can in a limited time period.

Boss Trials:

At the end of each world, you’ll have to face a boss. First, you’ll have to complete a level run, but instead of ending the level by grabbing a flagpole, you’ll meet up with a Big Boss .

Each boss has slightly different weaknesses, and you’ll have to use your smarts and skills to defeat each one. A few hints for the first few bosses:

  • Bowser can be defeated when you drop an axe onto the bridge he is standing on
  • Boom Boom needs a little head-bouncing finesse.

Make sure your character is fully powered up before entering a boss battle. After defeating the boss, you’ll unlock the next world.

Toad Rally :

  • Toad Rally is Super Mario Run’s multiplayer mode: You can compete against other players online in a competition of speed and accuracy. In Toad Rally, you’ll race against a ghost version of your opponent while each of you can complete a level. The number of coins you gather and tricks you pull off during the mini-game determines who wins the round.
  • New colors of Toads are unlocked as you defeat each World boss in the main Super Mario Run game. For example, you’ll unlock green Toads when you complete World 1, and purple when you complete World 2. Keep an eye on what your opponent is offering up in terms of Toad colors. Different rallies have a different color of toad expected crowd. Tap on an opponent to see what the expected crowd will be.
  • When you win a rally, Toads will rejoin your kingdom. But if you lose a rally, some of them will leave. These Toads are not impressed.

Kingdom building

  • All the coins you collect in Super Mario Run can be used to build and deck out your personal Mario kingdom. You can buy buildings and decorations from the shop, then place them on your land.
  • You can place up to eight buildings and 12 decorations in your kingdom at first. However, you can build a rainbow bridge to connect two parts of the kingdom back together once you’ve gathered enough Toads back into your kingdom.
  • You can also purchase buildings that will attract familiar characters, like Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach, all of whom you’ll be able to play in game. Each character has different special abilities, which makes replaying levels new all over again
  • Yoshi, Toad, and Peach are playable characters in Mario Run. But, they don’t come easily. You have to entice them back to your kingdom by impressing them with how many Toads have come home. Well, Toad will join the kingdom when you sign into your My Nintendo account and redeem him. But, Luigi, Yoshi and Peach can be unlocked by winning Rallies and gathering Toads.
  • You can also unlock Toadette and bring her into your kingdom, but she is not a playable character.

Super Mario Run Game play


It will be the best game for the people who love to play games. Mario is one of  the most well-known games among adults and kids. Mario is one of the most iconic video game characters ever. Mario is one of the most efficient PC games and now it’s coming to your mobiles devices with Super Mario Run. The Mario character has come to be among the most popular gaming characters recognized all over the world.