Talon for Twitter updated with Android 6.0 Marshmallow support, new Android Wear elements and more

Even the most loyal Twitter fans can tell you the social network’s official app is not the best around. There’s plenty of better options, but one of the best happens to be Talon for Twitter. It’s sleek and full of great features, but you can learn more about all that in our Talon for Twitter review. Right now we are here to talk about its latest update, which happens to come with a long list of improvements.talon for twitter 2.0This update to Talon takes the software up to version 3.1.0. Plenty of additions have been integrated, so let’s start by telling you what could be the most important one – Talon for Twitter now supports Android 6.0 Marshmallow and its new permission system. This makes Talon among the first third-party apps which have adopted Google’s new mobile OS version.


  • Built for Android Marshmallow
  • Revamp of Android Wear app layout
  • Support for favoriting and retweeting statuses from Android Wear
  • Support for composing tweets on Android Wear
  • Support for replying to tweets on Android Wear
  • Show images on quoted tweets
  • Handle links to compose tweets
  • Direct Messages no longer have a character limit
  • Show images on user profile pages
  • Apply Android Marshmallow’s new runtime permission model
  • Don’t stream blocked users with Talon Pull
  • Don’t redirect to the external browser for translations
  • Show embedded tweets rather than links in more places
  • Some performance improvements
  • Some bug fixes for direct messages
  • Fix duplicate tweets occurring for some
  • Various Bug fixes
  • Update application dependencies