Top 5 free games for PC – best free games you should play today


Top 5 Free Games for PC

Games are always interesting to play both for children and youth. They give fun, joy and pleasure by playing them. There are many types of games for PC, smart phones and tablets etc. Some are strategic games where you need to use your brain properly, some are funny, some are action etc. Today many people are searching and looking for the free PC games and keeping this point in view, we have come up with few best free games that are available to play and they are listed out below. So, you can download them for your PC or play them online and have the fun time.

1. Dota 2 Game:

Dota 2 GameFree Dota 2 Game Play and Download

This game is based on the warcraft III mod and is modeled as a free- to-play game. Without spending a single penny, you will have access to this wonderful game and get complete game play experience. This is very much depends on its own unit and popular today. Once you get hooked with this game, you see yourself buying loots even for this free game.

2. League of Legends Game:

League of Legends GamePlay League of Legends Game Download Free

This is the next best amazing games available for free to play in the PC and it is from the creators of the game Dota. You can just pick the champions for you and start ahead in the war in this game. Here you can do match making with the variety of characters as well as excellent maps. It is a worthy but aggressive game to play. With good team work as well as with tactics you can have fun time.

3. Path of Exile Game:

Path of Exile Game:Path of Exile Game Play Free

It is a bit different games from the other games listed out here, but don’t worry it is free to play game. It is a slow burning game that the multiplayer game. But, if you play this game you will definitely fall in love with this game. You can have fun time by uncovering the hidden depths out there in the game. There are also no game ruining things here so you can enjoy the game well.

4. Planetside 2 Game:

Planetside 2 GamePaly Planetside 2 Game Online Free

It is a very impressive and first person battle game that you will definitely like it. It is completely free to play and you well quick touch every time you here this. With the help of the default gear, you can dive in to the gaming mood and play the game with the biggest battle field ever. Though there are in-app purchases, you can enjoy this free game at most. You just need to take part on the battle and win over your enemies.

5. Might & Magic: Duel of Champions Game:

Might & Magic: Duel of Champions GameMight & Magic: Duel of Champions Game Free Download

Last but not least, it is also one of the best games which we would say as best alternative to the Hearthstone. Through it seems to be initially seemed to be less accessible, with just few rounds you can know the game and it has a very less casino effect in this game when you win. It is a free to play game.

These are the few best PC games that many people are playing today. So, go have fun and enjoyment by playing these different types of games in your PC.