Windows 10 New Features Tips and Tricks

Windows 10 New Features Tips and Tricks

Recently Windows 10 OS has been released in to the market and it has become very popular among the people with its amazing new features and user interface. There are lots of changes and improvements made in this new version of Windows 10 to give the good user experience. There are 10 major new features that were made in the Windows 10 and they are listed out below. Along with these features, we have also come up with few tips and tricks for Windows 10. So, go through them and have a good experience using it.

Windows 10 New Features or Features of Windows 10:

  1. The first new feature to say about this Windows 10 is, Microsoft has brought back the “Start Menu” in this version which is missing in windows 8 version.

  2. The next best and new feature about this is, Windows 10 will bring you up the voice controlling digital assistance Cortana for the desktops and this makes it easy for you to interact with the device without having to lift your fingers.

  3. It is said that windows 10 has gave a good news for the gamers with the Xbox app which can control Xbox one as well as DVR capture for any of the windows games. You can also stream the games from Xbox Box but we do not have any details about it as of now.

  4. In windows 10 internet explorer will be replaced by the new browser which is officially called as the “Project Spartan” also called Edge.

  5. With the requests of various users across the globe, it is going make enhancements and improves multitasking.

  6. In order to make transition across various devices more flawless, it has introduced new software and it is called as “Universal Apps”.

  7. All the office apps such as word, excel and more will give you a touch support or interface in PC, phones as well as tablets.

  8. The other best feature is “Continuum Mode” to make it easy on 2 in 1 devices they are hybrids and convertibles.

  9. Windows 10 is the first ever holographic computing platform and with set of APIs, developers are able to create the experiences of holograph in real world.

  10. Finally, with action center windows 10 is giving you a new way for looking all your notifications at one place and the action center here replaces the Charms menu which is in windows 8.

Tips and Tricks of Windows 10:

There are many tricks that you can do with windows 10 and here are few tips to use

  • Using desktop shortcuts, you can open the individual settings

  • It has easy to use PC settings and with that you can change widows updates, apps and networks etc.

  • You can make the file explorer open your PC instead of the quick access.

  • You can boot in the safe mode but there can also be other ways to.

  • You can customize the Start Menu of the windows 10 as you want.

  • With this you can enable the Start screen also.

Even there are many tips and tricks that can be done using the windows 10 with the amazing features that you have above. So, try the windows 10 and have the best experience ever.